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Best Resort Dooars

Lakeview Resort is one of the Best Resort in Dooars provided excellent resort services in entire Dooars region. The resort : Situated at the foothills of eastern Himalayas Lake View Resort views and stays in cottages alpaiguri.. Mangalbari, Lakeview Resort is great deals for top resorts and getaways in Dooars. Explore the different regions in Dooars, discover places to eat and thing to do in Best Resort. Book Online hotels and get best deals on Accommodation in Dooars offers comfortable to stay with nature. Book star hotels and luxury resorts at best price. Call +91 94341 18043, 84369 98436 | Mail us

About Lakeview Resort

Best Resort contained with 20 well furnished rooms and a beautiful daining hall. The area surrounding by Sal, Segun, Kadam, Arjun, Teak, Sisso and many other variety of trees & plants which make it greenery. Natural Fauna and Floura of this area make it more attractive. Differents of colorful birds make the area enjoyable. You can also enjoy the folk song and dance of various community of this place. Spending time with eco-friendly environment helps the visitors to get enormous happiness for lifetime.

Resort Lakeview

Lakeview Resortis one of the Best Resorts in Dooars and provide best services for our Clients or Guest, we are the one of the Best Resort.

Wild Life Of Gorumara

Mammals: The park is rich in large herbivores including Indian rhinoceros, gaur, Asian elephant, sloth bear, chital, and sambar deer. Small herbivores include barking deer, hog deer and wild boar. There is a comparative lack of large carnivores, with the only big cat being the Leopard. The park is not home to any resident population of Bengal tigers, Indian wild dogs or Indian wolf. tigers are, however, occasionally spotted here.

Birds:: Gorumara National Park is famous for its bird population - which includes brilliant submontane forest birds like the scarlet minivet, sunbird, Asian paradise flycatcher, spangled drongo and great Indian hornbill. Numerous woodpeckers and pheasants inhabit the park.

Reptiles and amphibians: The park is home to a large number of snakes, venomous and non-venomous, including the Indian python, one of the largest snakes in the world, and the king cobra - the world's largest venomous snake.

How To Reach:

By Air:- Bagdogra (13 km from Siliguri) is the nearest airport.

By Rail:- Nearest railway station is New Maynaguri, 20 km and New Mal 30 km from Lataguri Gorumara National Park. The park is accessible from the rail stations at Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar,from where one can hire a car through National Highway 31 to Lataguri, the gateway to the park.

Forest Safari Time [March to Sept]

Visiting Hours Permit Issuing Time
Morning Session Morning Session
1st Shift 6.00 To 7.30 A.M 1st Shift 5.30 A.M.
2nd Shift 8.30 To 10.00 A.M 2nd Shift 7.30 A.M.


Forest Safari Time[Oct to Feb]

Visiting Hours Permit Issuing Time
Morning Session Morning Session
1st Shift 6.30 To 8.00 A.M 1st Shift 6.00 A.M.
2nd Shift 9.00 To 10.30 A.M 2nd Shift 8.00 A.M.